Netflix says these are the 10 scariest movies on the streaming service

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Cabin Fever 2016

Director Paco Plaza's supernatural horror film VERONICA recently reached the Netflix streaming service, and viewers were soon hyping it as being the scariest movie Netflix had to offer – so scary that some of them couldn't even finish watching it. 

The hubbub around VERONICA has inspired Netflix to release information on the horror films they believe are the ten scariest movies on their streaming service. What makes them think these ten are the scariest? The fact that an overwhelming number of viewers have turned them off after making it more than 70% through the running time, but before the movie was over.

You might think there are other reasons for turning these movies off, but Netflix is insistent: if a person makes it more than 70% into a movie, they obviously didn't hate it. They were just too scared to finish it.

The ten horror movies viewers frequently turn off after the 70% point on Netflix are (in no particular order)




PIRANHA (2010)







Apparently not enough viewers have turned off VERONICA yet to get it into the top 10.

There are a few great films on that list, but I'm going to have to disagree with Netflix, I don't think scariness is the reason why some of these movies are being switched off. Some of them are very strange, and some feature sights and concepts that are so disgusting, I'm surprised an average viewer could even make it 70% into them. And there's at least one movie on the list that I would describe as being terrible.

I don't think very many people are actually being scared by that CABIN FEVER remake.

But maybe I just don't understand, because I've never turned off a movie because it was too scary. Movies don't usually scare me at all, but even when I was scared by them as a kid I would still get through them. Watching THE EVIL DEAD when I was 9 was the most terrifying viewing experience of my life, but I still completed the movie and started counting it as one of my favorites.

Have you ever turned off a movie because it was too scary?

Source: Forbes

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