New poster for Victor Garcia and Alan Robert’s Crawl to Me

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

It wasn't too long ago when we learned that Life of Agony bassist Alan Robert is teaming with Spanish director Victor Garcia (MIRRORS 2) and THE ORPHANAGE producer Rodar y Rodar for the big screen adaptation of CRAWL TO ME, Robert’s acclaimed graphic novel. A new poster for the the character-driven psychological horror flick has surfaced and we've got it right here for you guys to dig on below! No word on release details and all that good stuff just yet but we'll be sure to clue you guys in once we find out!

If you're unfamiliar with the graphic novel, here's how the film will break down:

The story follows husband and wife, Ryan and Jessica. As they move into their first home together, strange things begin to occur. Half-eaten animals and other remains are found inside the basement’s crawl space. Their family dog disappears within the house.  Distant voices are heard from beneath the floorboards. The couple begins to think that an evil entity is living inside their walls. Nothing can prepare them for what they’ll discover, but Ryan and Jessica soon realize that they must set aside all they believe to be true, in order to face their inevitable reality.

Take a peak!

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