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Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Night of the Demons 2009

A couple weeks ago, we shared the trailer for the documentary THE PARTY'S JUST BEGUN: THE LEGACY OF NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, which covers all four films in the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS franchise. The filmmakers behind the documentary are now running a crowdfunding campaign for it that also functions as a pre-order campaign.

I have been informed that ordering a copy of THE PARTY'S JUST BEGUN on DVD or Blu-ray through this campaign is the only way to secure a physical release of the documentary. Physical copies will not be offered after this campaign comes to an end. 

Fully supported by original NIGHT OF THE DEMONS director Kevin S. Tenney and hosted by original trilogy star Amelia Kinkade in character as the evil Angela, THE PARTY'S JUST BEGUN is coming to us from Dead Mouse Productions LTD, Cult Screenings UK LTD, and Michael Perez Productions.

Welcome to Hull House, please leave your soul at the door and join the most frightful bash with Angela – the reigning queen of scream! 

In 1988, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS was released to a staggering success in its limited theatrical run, making an even bigger splash on the home video market, spawning two sequels and a remake the films rabid fan base grew joining our horror hostess every Halloween. Now from the team that brought you YOU'RE SO COOL BREWSTER: THE STORY OF FRIGHT NIGHT and PENNYWISE: THE STORY OF IT, comes a new experience in Halloween horror with THE PARTY'S JUST BEGUN: THE LEGACY OF NIGHT OF THE DEMONS! 

Featuring exclusive interviews with cast and crew members from each film in the franchise, never before seen behind the scenes content, conceptual art, publicity materials and so much more! It's time to party with Angela and her demon cohorts – it's going to be one hell of a time.

The filmmakers have already conducted interviews with over 20 cast and crew members from various NIGHT OF THE DEMONS movies. 15 more interviews are set to take place next month.

THE PARTY'S JUST BEGUN is being directed by Adam Evans and co-directed by Dustin Ferguson. Chris MacGibbon is the writer and is producing the documentary with Gary Smart, Michael Perez, and Chris Griffiths.

Source: IndieGogo

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