Poster and trailer for Robert Thompson’s zombie thriller Aftermath

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

Are you sick of zombies yet? I hope not because they're seemingly not going to the grave quietly. I guess we can place the blame squarely on the shoulders of "The Walking Dead" for reinvigorating the zombie genre, as we've seen a resurgence of zombie-themed fare lately. Today we have the poster and trailer for another zombie flick that is shambling its way towards us titled AFTERMATH, from director Robert Thompson.

Written by Thompson, J.R.S. Storch, and Logan Ray, and executive produced by Mark Newbauer, AFTERMATH stars Maggie Dye, Brandon Benz, Darius Devontaye Green (HOUSE OF MANSON, VOODOO POSSESSION), Annie Robinson, Benjamin Roney, Dustin Lawson, and Kelron Mixon, and concerns…

William is a scientist who believes he’s found the cure to cancer. But when his research is corrupted in an effort to contaminate a large portion of the population, people begin turning into cannibalistic monsters. Valerie is a psychologist dealing with one of America’s most prolific serial killers, Lucas, when the contamination becomes widespread.

Carter is an Army Vet who loses his wife to the zombies, and meets young, pregnant, Sarah in his travels. Trent is a fighter trying to make ends meet, but when he’s bitten, and doesn’t turn, he presents a unique opportunity to William.

This eclectic group’s paths are set on a crash course, as they all strive to survive in this new world, and Trent seems to be the key to everything. But is William really who he promises to be? The world has become a place where the living may end up being more dangerous than the infected, and the group who took William’s research is never far away, lurking in the shadows.

As the group makes their way to a rumored safe haven, they have to contend with the infected, the each other, and the lack of basic necessities they once took for granted. But for some of them, the hunger may end up being too much to bear.

Check out the poster and trailer for AFTERMATH below.

Source: Arrow In The Head

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