Rob Lowe will hunt ghosts and aliens on The Lowe Files

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Rob Lowe

I don't generally watch "investigating the supernatural" shows because I don't believe in the supernatural, so I don't get much out of them. Every time I catch a glimpse of a ghost hunting show, I just see people walking around in the dark, overreacting to things and scaring themselves. But if Rob Lowe wants to walk around in the dark and scare himself? That might get me to tune in to one of these shows.

Rob Lowe, his adult sons Matthew (age 23) and John Owen (21), and Critical Content have set up a project called The Lowe Files at A&E. The concept is described as "an unscripted version of The X-Files" and will take the Lowes 

on a trek around the country to investigate spooky legends and mysteries. The trio aim to bring some scientific rigor to the process by consulting with experts and academics in fields related to the ghost stories they pursue.

A&E has ordered nine episodes of the series, which is expected to premiere on the network this summer. Two examples of the "unsolved mysteries and supernatural lore" that will be investigated on the show are the supposed haunting of the abandoned boys reformatory Preston Castle near Sacramento and the rumors that there's an alien base off the coast of Malibu.

Why would Rob Lowe do a show like this? He explains: 

Since I was a kid I've loved unexplained legends, strange phenomena and the scary, supernatural stories told around campfires. When I became a father I shared those tales with my two sons. Together we bonded over Bigfoot, UFOs, and every creepy and bizarre story we could find, passionately debating if they were real… or not.  And we swore that someday the three of us would go on our own adventure to find out. That day has come."

This show is unexpected, but given that I became a fan of Lowe not through his Brat Pack or comedy work but through his performance on the Stephen King mini-series THE STAND, it seems somehow appropriate. A few years ago, Lowe also co-directed a FRIDAY THE 13TH homage short film / candy bar ad called BUTTERFINGER THE 13TH.

Rob Lowe

Source: Variety

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