Rob Zombie says making Halloween was miserable and The Blob was to be dead serious

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

No, Rob Zombie is not going to make THE BLOB, nor will he ever make THE BLOB. File it under "never meant to be" and be done with it. But we're all probably curious about what it could have looked like, right? While we may never see any concrete script pages or notes, it would be fun to see what Zombie had in store for the remake (despite what you think of him as a director). 

Case in point: in a new interview with The Playlist, Zombie has stated that his vision of THE BLOB was going to be as dark as his other work. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, given his past comments about the focus of the story.)

 It was dead serious. I was almost like a dark science fiction film, but it was serious."

The original was fairly straight-forward, more or less, but it's safe to assume Zombie's version would have been a visceral and nasty take on the "giant blobby thing," as he calls it. He went on to give some insight on why the film never took off:

 The Blob was going to happen. I was dealing with people on the movie, even though I was on the fence about doing anything that was considered a remake again. I really didn’t like the idea of that, but just as I went down the road further with the producers and the guys that owned the property, I didn’t feel good about the situation and I just walked away from it. My gut told me this was not a good place to be."

The remake was set up at Dimension, where Zombie had made the two HALLOWEEN films for the Weinstein brothers. It was maybe his not-so-rad experience making those movies that led to his departure from THE BLOB. 

I really like those films. I didn’t have a good time making them. It was actually a kind of miserable experience. Anytime they vary from the format is when I really like them."

Luckily for Rob, he doesn't owe Dimension another movie, so he doesn't have to deal with them again. (Although he's diplomatic and says he "would" theoretically work with them again.) 

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Source: The Playlist

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