Robert Englund assures us that the COVID-19 nightmare will end in PSA

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

True Terror with Robert Englund

The COVID-19 pandemic is a waking nightmare that is taking lives every day and has people all over the world spending weeks in isolation to avoid getting sick. But this will pass, and legendary character actor Robert Englund has recorded his own PSA to assure us that this nightmare will end. And of course Englund has a lot of knowledge about nightmares ending, being the man who brought dream stalker Freddy Krueger to life.

In the video embedded below, Englund also offers some tips on how to get through the pandemic – with a special bit of advice on how to handle any trips to the grocery store.

Englund recorded this bit in front of a poster for his show True Terror with Robert Englund, a series that is airing on the Travel Channel every Wednesday. Each episode of the show tells three spooky tales, 

the creepy and odd of America’s past, bringing viewers real stories that reveal sometimes our fears aren’t mere figments of our imagination after all.

As Englund has said, the stories on True Terror are not

just something that was said around a campfire. They’re not myths, they’re not rumors. Some of them are urban legends now, but they didn’t begin that way. What I like about it, is every single story we tell was chronicled in an American newspaper back in the 19th [century] and even as far back as the 18th century and the early 20th century. I love that it has that certain amount of cred."

Find out what Englund has to say about the pandemic right here:

Source: Robert Englund, Arrow in the Head

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