Sandra Bullock returns to Netflix for Mark Millar adaptation Reborn

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

Reborn Mark Millar

Netflix had massive success with the movie BIRD BOX over the holidays, and now they're working with that film's star Sandra Bullock on a new project. The streaming service purchased comic book writer Mark Millar's publishing company Millarworld a couple years ago, and Bullock will be producing an adaptation of one of the properties they acquired with that deal: REBORN.

Created by Millar and Greg Capullo, REBORN is about 

an eighty year-old woman, Bonnie Black, who dies in a Manhattan hospital only to find herself reborn in the prime of life in the afterlife world of Adystria, a magical land of monsters and dragons where good and evil are waging an eternal war. There, she finds old friends and loved ones waiting, except the husband who died before her. Armed with a sword and partnered with her late father, she sets off through the battle-torn landscape on a quest to find out where he is.

THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE director Chris McKay is attached to direct the movie.

Roy Lee and Miri Yoon of Vertigo Entertainment will be producing alongside Bullock, with Millar and Capullo serving as executive producers. Samantha Nisenboim will co-produce.

Bullock has not yet signed on to star in the film as well, but there's a possibility she could end up taking on the lead role.

I haven't read the source material, but I would definitely check out a movie about a woman fighting monsters and dragons in the afterlife.

Source: Deadline

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