Sequel: Danielle Harris and Joe Dante team for all-female action slasher

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

After working together on the short-lived '90s TV show Eerie, Indiana and the 2018 film CAMP COLD BROOK (watch it HERE), genre icons Danielle Harris and Joe Dante have announced that they're teaming up again, this time on a project called SEQUEL, which Harris will be directing and Dante is producing. Plot details are being kept under wraps, but SEQUEL is described as being "an all-female slasher" and the press release says it "promises to be a brash, unashamed spectacle led by an all-star cast of take-no-prisoner heroines".

The screenplay has been written by James Moran. A production start date hasn't been set, but Dante's company Renfield Productions is hoping to have cameras rolling on SEQUEL by the second or third quarter of 2021.

Producer Mark Alan says, 

Our team knew immediately James [Moran] was rewriting the rules. It's like he combined Charlie's Angels and Scream together to get this entirely fresh subgenre of female action slasher. It's hilarious and adrenalizing – a dragon only Danielle can tame."

Dante adds that 

Sequel is an ambitious undertaking, but it's in good hands with a pro like Danielle at the helm. I've watched her literally grow up on film and it's about time she got behind the camera to use all the expertise she's picked up along the way. She's intelligent, level headed and clearly qualified to solve the myriad problems a director encounters while making a film."

Harris gave the following statement: 

I knew as soon as I finished reading the first act that Sequel was the perfect fit for me. I could finally bring all of my experiences in the horror genre behind the camera and into these exceptionally written final girl characters. I've been on the hunt for a story that had strong female leads and was intelligent and darkly comedic. I just didn't want to do anything paranormal, since we have enough real-life evil without having to go make shit up. If I'm going to spend the next two years of my life on a film, it has to be fun – and this story has it all. With Joe Dante and Mark Alan by my side, we're gonna kill it."

Moran adds, 

I couldn't be happier to have Danielle captaining this – who better to marshal a group of heroines in a slasher movie?! Making a movie with the incredible Joe Dante is a dream come true, he's a huge influence on my work. Everyone involved is super smart and creative, I feel like I won the slasher lottery. And survived…"

The combo of Harris and Dante makes this a must-see for me, even if I wasn't a fan of CAMP COLD BROOK (I gave it a 5/10 review). Harris made her feature directorial debut on the 2012 horror comedy AMONG FRIENDS, which you can watch HERE.

Source: PRweb

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