Sick for Toys, produced by JimmyO, set for October release

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Sick for Toys David Del Rio

We have some great news to share today about the Christmas thriller SICK FOR TOYS, which was produced by our own James A. "JimmyO" Oster. The film has secured a distribution deal with Entertainment Studios / Freestyle Digital Media that will see it being released this fall!

Directed by David Del Rio from a screenplay by Justin Xavier and based on a story by JimmyO, SICK FOR TOYS has the following synopsis: 

Every year for Christmas, Emilia gets the same gift from her brother Edward. This year when she wants something more, the siblings will discover that even your favorite toys always tend to break. Sick For Toys is a nightmarish family holiday thriller, one that will twist and turn itself under your skin until its disturbingly creepy final act.

Xavier also produced the film, with Jon Paul Burkart and David Gunning serving as executive producers. SICK FOR TOYS is presented by Nine Ten Films and Delco-Cut Productions.

Burkhart, Gunning, and Xavier co-star in the film with Camille Montgomery, Melanie Thompson, Katie Wallace, Levi Ashlyn, Morgana Shaw, and HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT's Pinhead Paul T. Taylor.

Freestyle Digital Media will be releasing SICK FOR TOYS in North America on multiple streaming platforms October 1st. The perfect month for a horror release. 

All sales outside of the US and Canada are being handled by Devilworks.

Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions got the chance to see the film and had this to say about it: 

The DP did fantastic work. I appreciated the restraint the director demonstrated. So many times, movies like this can go off the wall stylistically, but there was something very confident about the filmmaking and the performances that I liked. Good tension."

In addition to the distribution deal, it has also been announced that SICK FOR TOYS will be screening at the 2018 Dallas International Film Festival, which is set to run from May 3rd through the 10th. The SICK FOR TOYS screenings are scheduled to happen on Saturday, May 5th at 10:15pm and on Monday, May 7th at 10:45pm.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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