Sleep Tight web anthology will give you nightmares in this exclusive teaser

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Sleep Tight Jason Perlman

Hello, folks. October is coming up, so we're about to be in a very tight glut of horror content over those 31 wonderful days. One such piece of content that you certainly shouldn't sleep on is the upcoming anthology series Sleep Tight, from director Jason Perlman.

Coming via Verizon's Go90 streaming app, every episode of the 8-part series is a different horror piece starring a major YouTube star, including Meg DeAngelis, Beau Brooks, Jenn McAllister, and Maddi Bragg.

Now, stay with me. That might not sound up your alley if you're not a fan of online content, but take a look at this exclusive teaser for the show. I always have my doubts about this type of content too, but it looks like a fun mix of gothic haunted house horror, gory body horror, and everything you can come up with in your wildest nightmares. Check it out below!

Sleep Tight will air on Go90 every Tuesday and Thursday in October, beginning October 4th.

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