Stephen King & Peter Straub collaborating on third Talisman novel

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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Who isn't a huge fan of Stephen King around here? From novels to screenplays to the film adaptations of his work, King's name is synonymous with horror, and that's why we're always stoked to hear of a new King project. Long-time fans are no doubt familiar with his 1984 collaboration with novelist Peter Straub, "The Talisman", and their 2001 sequel "Black House". These two novels introduced us to the character of Jack Sawyer and his adventures in "The Territories", and now it looks as if King and Straub will be revisiting the character for a third novel in their "Talisman" series.

According to Lilja's Libraray, King and Straub have been talking up plans for a new novel in "The Talisman" universe, with the site sharing…

King gave us some very interesting news yesterday at the reading in Washington, D.C. about the third book about Jack Sawyer. King confirmed that it was supposed to be a trilogy and that he had already worked out the framework for the third book in his head. He also said he hoped to write it with Peter Straub during next year.

After reading this I emailed Peter who confirmed that the plan is to write the book next year. So, very good news for all fans of The Talisman and Black House!

This is very good news, indeed! I'm a big fan of "The Talisman" and rather enjoyed "Black House" so I'm certainly looking forward to what King and Straub have cooked up for the third novel.

Now, if we could only get that "The Talisman" movie or mini-series we've been promised time and time again.

Source: Liljas Library

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