SyFy goes theatrical with SyFy Films and the paranoid thriller 400 Days

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Even if you've never watched the SyFy channel, you know the SyFy channel. Recently amping up their game with heavily promoted low budget CGI-fests like SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! and LAVALANTULA, the channel has decided to create their own film banner, SyFy Films.

Following the increased distribution push of companies like Netflix and Shout! Factory, SyFy Films will develop and acquire flicks to put out on "theatrical and digital platforms, including VOD and EST via cable, satellite, telco and Internet partners, as well as select independent theaters through partnerships such as with XLrator Media."

Their first film, out in January, is the paranoid sci-fi thriller 400 DAYS. With a cast of actually recognizable (albeit not widely adored) names and a trailer that shows some real ambition behind the obviously miniscule budget, this could be the first step toward some actually really cool SyFy productions.

400 DAYS follows four astronauts participating in a simulated mission to a distant planet in order to test the psychological effects of deep space travel. Isolated for 400 days (hence the title), their sanity begins to decline when all communication with the outside world ceases.

400 DAYS stars Brandon Routh (SUPERMAN RETURNS), Caity Lotz (THE PACT), Dane Cook, Ben Feldman (CLOVERFIELD), Tom Cavanaugh (The Flash, Scrubs), and Grant Bowler (KILLER ELITE). 

Source: Deadline

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