Another Happy Day

  • Theatrical - Limited 2012-01-24

In writer/director Sam Levinson’s debut feature Sundance Winner Another Happy Day, high-strung Lynn (Ellen Barkin) is hurled into the fire of primal, Byzantine family dynamics. It’s the wedding of Lynn’s son, whom she was deprived of raising because of an acrimonious divorce, and a feud rages between Lynn, her ex-husband (Thomas Haden Church) and his hot-tempered wife (Demi Moore). Meanwhile, the three children Lynn did raise (Ezra Miller, Kate Bosworth, Daniel Yelsky) display a panoply of disturbing behaviors, which Lynn’s mother (Ellen Burstyn) and sisters alternately ridicule and blame her for. Painful truths bubble and spurt, often times hilariously so, as clan members deploy ricocheting arrows to protect themselves—and wound others—and the fine lines between victims and perpetrators blur.

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