Big Bully

  • Theatrical - Wide 2000-05-23

David Leary was the kind of kid who was always getting picked on, chased after, beat up and cut down. Roscoe Bigger — known to every quivering victim as “Fang”—was the kind of kid who was always picking on, chasing after, beating up and cutting down kids like David.

But that was then…Now, David Leary (RICK MORANIS), grown up and a semi-successful writer, has been asked to teach a semester of creative writing at his former school in a pastoral Midwestern town. Thinking the change of pace would do his own rebellious son, Ben, some good, David returns to his childhood hometown. When his son is caught bullying a sensitive kid, David is called into the principal’s office to meet with the boys and the other boy’s father — a quiet, henpecked, deferential shop teacher (TOM ARNOLD). After the meeting, as the two fathers walk back to their classrooms, David starts to realize that — no, it couldn’t be — maybe this shop teacher is—no way — his old dreaded tormentor — it is! — Fang. The thumping heart of scared prey is all Fang needs to inspire him to his former awfulness, and he begins an escalating war of pestering and humiliation against his old victim, Davey. The two abandon all semblance of reasonable adulthood as they regress into a battle of greased floors, wet willies and “I’m tellin’s”. But David and Fang might finally learn something by the example set by their own young sons.

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