Rocky II

  • Theatrical - Wide 2023-03-01

After Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed fought each other in the ring, they were rushed to the hospital. After both were released, Rocky moved on and lives up to his newfound fortune and his Marriage to Adrian. After failed attempts at making commercials, and being laid off at a local meat company, Rocky decides to go back to being a boxer, but Adrian disapproves Rocky’s decision as she is concerned for his well-being, and it effects his training, even though his trainer, Mickey Goodmill now wants him to fight right-handed. Meanwhile, Apollo became exceedingly angry at the rude and nasty comments on his fight with Rocky, eager for a rematch with him, Apollo even went public about it. then, Adrian fell into a coma after delivering her and Rocky’s baby, after a few days, she awakens and was given the baby, which was named Rocky Jr. Then, Rocky continues his training, and then the fight begins, Apollo is still angry, but Rocky is more determined than ever to win.

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