The Devil’s Advocate

  • Theatrical - Wide 2012-09-18

Kevin Lomax is a success in the courtroom and out of it, a young Florida defense attorney who’s never lost a case. Lomax enjoys a happy marriage with his sexy young wife, Mary Ann, and even has a good relationship with his straitlaced, churchgoing mother. In fact, things seem just about perfect for Kevin – nearly Heaven on Earth. But not exactly.

After winning a most distasteful victory for his client, a convicted child-molester, Lomax is invited to join a prestigous New York law firm and live a life of power and luxury. But as Lomax tastes the power of being a wealthy New York attorney, something in him changes. Winning is no longer just a goal – it becomes an obsession. When his wife starts having frightening experiences she can’t explain and his world starts spinning ever-faster out of control, Lomax realizes his existence in Heaven on Earth has ended. Now he’s stepping into Hell. And standing at the gates to welcome him is The Devil, himself.

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