The Fan

  • Theatrical - Wide 1997-12-09

He is the one they look for when the Klieg lights blaze, the one whose pictures hangs on the wall. His presence hits them like a drug. He is the light and the glory, a reason to live … even die. They are the untold millions whose adoration translates into magazine covers and multi-million dollar contracts. They are the sea of faces rendered invisible by distance, blurred together by their sheer mass, known only in the collective as ‘the fans.’

For all fans, the rules are unspoken but crytal-clear: you don’t get too close to your heroes. But one fan, Gil Renard (Robert Niro), is about to bend those rules. The stellar career of his idol, Bobby Rayburn (Wesley Snipes), means everything to Gil. It is the filter through which he’s viewed his own life, distilling it into something better. While Bobby’s star appears to fall, Gil’s own life spirals downward until he has nothing left but the prospect of returning his idol to his former glory, even if it means stepping out of the shadows of fandom and into his own dark center stage.

And the deadly game begins.

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