Tony Scott, director of Top Gun, Man On Fire, and True Romance, has died (1944-2012)

UPDATE: It is now being reported that the director had “inoperable brain cancer” before his suicide. UPDATE#2: Sadly, now it is being reported that he did NOT have brain cancer. We will leave the rest to the autopsy results. At this point, we’re just saddened to see this man’s life end.

A crushing blow has been dealt to the filmmaking community today, as legendary director Tony Scott has died of an apparent suicide.  The 68-year-old director, known for his high-octane films like TOP GUN, CRIMSON TIDE, TRUE ROMANCE, and MAN ON FIRE, is best known for redefining the action genre with his quick-cut action and macho style that continues to be imitated to this day.

Authorities reported that Scott jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge spanning San Pedro and Terminal Island in Los Angeles after climbing a fence and jumping.  A suicide note was found at the director’s office and his death is being investigated as such.  “We will go where the facts take us. We have no reason to believe it was not a suicide,” said Lt. Joe Bale of the L.A. Coroner’s office.

Scott, brother of Ridley, began his career directing commericals, staring his filmmaking career with the 1982 film THE HUNGER with David Bowie.  Although not a critical success, the film attracted the producing pair of Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer, who helmed the English-born director to helm their jet plane actioner TOP GUN (1985), which served as the calling card for not only the director, but for Simpson/Bruckheimer, Cruise, and the action genre as a whole.

The director followed with BEVERLY HILLS COP 2 (1987), the Kevin Costner pic REVENGE (1990).  He returned to the Simpson/Bruckheimer fold with DAYS OF THUNDER (1990), then tackled the Shane-Black scripted THE LAST BOY SCOUT (1991)with Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans.  Scott then brought Quentin Tarantino’s script for TRUE ROMANCE (1993) to the big screen with a massive cast, including Christian Slater and Christopher Walken.

CRIMSON TIDE (1995) was his next film, which began a frequent collaboration with actor Denzel Washington.  The two would make four films together, including MAN ON FIRE (2004), DEJA VU (2006), and THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 (2009), and UNSTOPPABLE (2010).

His other films include THE FAN (1996), ENEMY OF THE STATE (1998), SPY GAME (2001), and DOMINO (2005).  His final film was UNSTOPPABLE (2010), starring Chris Pine and Denzel Washington.

In the days to come, more details will likely be revealed, but I will always remember the artist and the truly epic legacy he has left in his wake.  As always, we encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings on the loss of Tony Scott, but ask that you keep your comments respectful.

Here’s a serving of Scott’s best to send him off…

Source: MSNBC

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