The Aviary: Lorenza Izzo gets freaked out in clip from upcoming cult thriller

Last month, Saban Films released a trailer for the thriller The Aviary, which they’ll be bringing to theatres, digital, and VOD in North America on April 29th. Now a clip from the movie has arrived online, and you can check it out in the embed above – where it’s followed by the trailer, in case you missed that before. In this clip, Lorenza Izzo (The Green Inferno) makes the bad decision to follow someone into a very dark space, and of course she gets freaked out in there.

Written and directed by first-time filmmakers Chris Cullari and Jennifer Raite, The Aviary follows

the twisted journey of two women’s desperate flee to escape the clutches of Skylight, an insidious cult. Lured in by the promise of “freedom” in the isolated desert campus called “The Aviary”, Jillian and Blair join forces to escape in hopes of real freedom. Consumed by fear and paranoia, they can’t shake the feeling that they are being followed by the cult’s leader, Seth (Messina), a man as seductive as he is controlling. The more distance the pair gains from the cult, the more Seth holds control of their minds. With supplies dwindling and their senses failing, Jillian and Blair are faced with a horrifying question: how do you run from an enemy who lives inside your head?

Izzo is joined in the cast by Malin Akerman (The Final Girls), Chris Messina (I Care a Lot), and Sandrine Holt (Sorry for Your Loss).

The Aviary was produced by Pacesetter Productions’ Jessica Rhoades and Andrew Miller, and CatchLight Studios’ Marcei Brown and Jeanette Volturno. Akerman, Cullari, and Raite serve as executive producers alongside Stagecoach Entertainment’s Steve Smith and Evan Lewis, Catchlight Studios’ Jessica Malanaphy and Jason Clark, and Saban Films’ Bill Bromiley, Shanan Becker, Jonathan Saba, and Ness Saban. Pacesetter’s Rachel Polan is co-executive producer, as are Huey Park and The Forest Road Company.

Bromiley said The Aviary is a “nail-biting” thriller that will “absolutely get under audiences’ skin’”. The cast was enough to convince me to check it out.

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The Aviary Lorenza Izzo Malin Akerman

Source: Arrow in the Head

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