The Basement set to premiere at this year’s Shriekfest

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Conley Entertainment Group has just announced that Brian Conley & Nathan Ives' THE BASEMENT will be making its World Premiere at this year's Shriekfest. The flick will screen at 8:15 PM at Raleigh Studios (5300 Melrose Avenue), in Hollywood, CA. on Saturday, October 7th.

Co-director/writer Brian Conley on the premiere:

It is truly thrilling to be premiering our film at a festival as revered and respected as Shriekfest.

Co-director/writer Nathan Ives adds:

Neither Brian nor I had any interest in making a mindless horror movie.  There is a lot going on beneath the surface in this film, and I think audiences will be intrigued.

Shriekfest Founder Denise Gossett says: 

I am a huge fan and supporter of independent films and ‘The Basement’ is a great example of a well-made, beautifully shot film with some terrific performances!

On top of all of that, Sam Santiago of  warns potential premiere goers, “There is a fair amount of gore and this film does not shy away from showing the extreme physical and psychological trauma you’d find present under such circumstances. It’s not for everyone.”

To which producer Heidelberger, adds “The performances in this movie are so true to life, it’s frankly disturbing. But the directors keep telling me that’s a good thing.”

You can check out new stills from the film both above and below, as well as the film's poster. After checking those out, let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

THE BASEMENT synopsis:

A cross between ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and ‘Split,’ The Basement is about a L.A. serial killer known as The Gemini (Jackson Davis), who tortures and ultimately murders his victims in the dungeon-like basement of his San Fernando Valley home. By the time the movie opens, Gemini has already claimed seven victims, all of whom he has horrifyingly maimed and decapitated with a blowtorch, but Craig Owen (Cayleb Long), the famed musician who Gemini has chosen for his eighth victim, and Craig’s beautiful wife Kelly (Mischa Barton) prove every bit the killer’s equal in the art of psychological warfare, giving rise to one of the more diabolical plot twists in recent memory. 

THE BASEMENT is written and directed by Brian Conley & Nathan Ives and stars Mischa Barton, Jackson Davis, Cayleb Long, Tracie Thoms, Bailey Anne Borders, and Sarah Nicklin.

Worldwide distribution rights are currently available.

THE BASEMENT premieres at Shriekfest October 7th!

Source: AITH

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