The Fields starring Cloris Leachman is hitting DVD & Blu-ray this April, scope out the details

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

It honestly feels like we have been waiting to see THE FIELDS for a while now, back in January we got word that the film would be dropping in April. Well we now have the official release date, which is April 24th!

The DVD and Blu-ray will come with bonus features as well, some great sounding ones too.

Special Features:

  • * A making-of documentary
  • * Behind-the-scenes footage
  • * Hilarious Leachman outtakes
  • * Interviews with the real people involved
  • * Clips from the world premiere.

There you have it, we’ll all finally be able to check this one out!

Based on actual events, The Fields follows a young boy named Steven during the summer of 1973. Steven (Ormond) is sent to live in the Pennsylvania countryside with his grandparents while his mother (Reid) and father (Faust Checho) work through their marital troubles. Though his grandmother (Leachman) and grandfather (Bev Appleton) are happy to host him, they warn Steven not to enter the cornfields next to their house.

Meanwhile, Steven hears news of the notorious Manson Family and their gruesome killing spree. He develops a morbid fascination with the murderous cult and at the same time he can’t help but be drawn into the mysterious cornfields. Eventually he enters the fields, where he makes a terrible discovery. Then, menacing noises begin haunting the family from outside at night and soon turn to violence. Though Steven’s family tries to protect him, whatever’s lurking in the fields is about to make their lives a living nightmare.

Along with Cloris Leachman the film stars Tara Reid and Joshua Ormond.

Pre-order the DVD right HERE.

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