The Hermit: Lou Ferrigno to play cannibalistic pig farmer in horror film

Variety reports that the Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno, has signed on to star in the horror film The Hermit, a project that will see him taking on the role of a cannibalistic pig farmer who makes and sells jerky made of human flesh. We’ve seen something along these lines play out in classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Motel Hell, but we’ve never seen it with Lou Ferrigno as the cannibal.

The Hermit will be the first English-language feature directed and produced by Salvatore Sclafani. Sclafani previously directed the 2019 Italian drama A Gifted Man (Il talento). Filming on The Hermit will begin this August in Syracuse, New York. Other than the pig farmer, the main characters in the story are

Eric and Lisa, who are both 19. On a fishing trip they go to a resort, venture off trail, stumble across a farm, go in, see animal heads hanging from the wall, and then in comes the Hermit, the giant that runs the place

Ferrigno provided the following statement about The Hermit:

Most people are surprised that I’ve never really entered the horror space before now. When I was a kid I was fascinated with the monsters of the time like Dracula and Frankenstein. So I am really excited and honored to be working with such a great team on something that will for sure excite fans. The character I am playing is unique and will give an updated twist to those monsters I grew up with.”

Sclafani is producing The Hermit through his company First Child Productions, alongside Gerry Pass of Chrome Entertainment. Pass explained to Variety that

The Hermit’s story is that he’s been a loner. His mother protected him; kept him in the forest. He doesn’t speak well, because they are kind of feral people. Once, after being attacked, the Hermit kills his attacker. Since the family business is making jerky, the mother ends up cooking this person into the jerky with the pigs. Then, after the mother dies, trapping people, killing them and making them into jerky becomes a recurrent act on the Hermit’s part.”

Watching Lou Ferrigno turn people into jerky sounds like a good time to me, so I’m already looking forward to The Hermit. Are you interested in this movie? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: Variety

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