The Last Call: Rachel True, Bruce Davison, & Keith David star in thriller

Last Updated on August 10, 2021

Rachel True of the 1996 cult classic teen witch movie The Craft (watch it HERE) has signed on to take the lead role in director Mike Sargent's supernatural thriller The Last Call, which is set to start filming in Morristown, New Jersey next Monday, August 9th. True is being joined in the cast by a couple icons: Academy Award nominee Bruce Davison (the original Willard) and Emmy winner Keith David (John Carpenter's The Thing and They Live).

Once the New Jersey portion of the production wraps up, there will also be some filming done in Los Angeles.

Scripted by Mike Kuciak, The Last Call centers on True's character 

Dr. Amara Rowen, a documentary filmmaker who, after what appears to be a cult mass suicide, is contacted by the group’s survivors. As she begins to learn the truth of the cult’s founder and its abilities, she and the surviving members are being hunted and killed, which could lead to a changing reality.

I was already sold on seeing this movie as soon as I saw the cast list, but that plot synopsis sounds like a good time to me, so now I'm really looking forward to this one.

Davison will be playing the cult's founder, Dr. Joseph Cawl. David's character is Dr. Leonard Betram, "a former colleague of the cult founder who believes he’s evil with a more sinister plan to come". 

According to the film's IMDb page, Jim Thalman (House of the Wolf Man) and Ian Whitt (Existential Mashed Potatoes) are also in the cast.

Kuciak is producing The Last Call with Michael Alden and Ian Holt, through their company Alt House Productions, in partnership with PFG Films.

In addition to The Craft, True's credits include CB4, Embrace of the Vampire, Nowhere, Half Baked, Half & Half, Blood Lake, and Sharknado 2.

Source: Variety

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