The People Under the Stairs: Jordan Peele to produce Wes Craven remake

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Jordan Peele recently produced and co-wrote a new entry in the CANDYMAN franchise for Universal, and while the pandemic has forced the studio to push the release of that movie all the way back to August 27, 2021, they have decided to fill the time by having Peele revive another popular horror property for them. Collider's Jeff Sneider has learned that Universal has hired Peele to produce a remake of Wes Craven's 1991 film THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS (watch it HERE).

Peele isn't expected to direct the film, but it's not yet known if he'll be writing it.

Written and directed by Craven, the original film followed 

a young boy and two adult thieves who become trapped in a house belonging to a strange couple known as the Robesons after breaking in to steal their rare coin collection. They find a lot more than they bargained for waiting for them in the basement.

Brandon Adams, Everett McGill, Wendy Robie, A.J. Langer, and Ving Rhames starred.

Craven had been interested in returning to the concept of THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS himself – in the days before his death, he was even developing a TV series based on the film for Syfy.

Peele will be producing the new PEOPLE with Win Rosenfeld, through their company Monkeypaw Productions.

I've never been very fond of THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS, so I can't meet this remake news with much more than a shrug. Maybe Peele will be able to do something cool with the idea.

Source: Collider

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