The Vampire Project brings Kevin Sorbo horror comedy to Another Hole in the Head festival

The Vampire Project, a horror comedy starring Kevin Sorbo, will be screening at the Another Hole in the Head film festival

As a producer, Yvan Gauthier has helped bring us such films as I Am Wrath with John Travolta, The Perfect Weapon with Steven Seagal, Female Fight Squad with Amy Johnston, Kill ‘Em All with Jean-Claude Van Damme, American Nightmares with Danny Trejo, The Poison Rose with Travolta and Morgan Freeman, The Comeback Trail with Robert De Niro, and Running with the Devil with Nicolas Cage. He has also directed a few movies – the French production Les aliénés, and L.A. I Hate You with Malcolm McDowell and William Forsythe. His latest is the horror comedy The Vampire Project, starring Kevin Sorbo of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys – and that movie is scheduled to screen at the Another Hole in the Head film festival today, December 8th, at 6:45pm (Western time) at the Balboa Theater in San Francisco.

With hours to go before that screening begins, we’ve gotten our hands on the trailer for the film, and you can check that out in the embed above.

After living in Hollywood for 15 years, Gauthier moved to Mississippi to create a studio called Time Factor Pictures with his wife Jane. The Vampire Project is the first Time Factor Pictures production and is expected to be released in the United States sometime during the first quarter of 2024.

Described as “an elevated horror comedy based on true events”, The Vampire Project focuses on the complexity of creating original content in today’s context, where a screenwriter has to deal with a producer that he suspects is a blood sucking creature. Between Fright Night and Spike Jonze’s Adaptation, the film slowly turns into a meta mind game that Christopher Nolan would most certainly enjoy.

Sorbo is joined in the cast by Brent Pella, Jessica Harthcock, Michael D’Bey, Cotton Yancey, Jessica Wilkinson, and Marcus Dupree.

The original soundtrack comes from VAN+GHR, with additional guitars from Swiss guitar hero Boris De Piante, a member of the famous space rock band MONKEY3.

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The Vampire Project

Source: Arrow in the Head

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