Tom Holland promises a Fright Night 3 novel, potentially a film

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

Fright Night 3 Tom Holland

There's one benefit to getting old, says Tom Holland. The rights to FRIGHT NIGHT, which are currently owned by a private equity firm, will be returned to Holland in 2019 after the end of their 35 year contract. Do you know what that means? FRIGHT NIGHT 3. It might not be in the form you imagined, but Tom Holland is cooking up something spectacular, as promised on his Twitter page:

He went on to extrapolate in the replies to his tweet:

As for characters that will be returning…

Is there a potential for a film adaptation of said novel? Of course there is! Will it wreck the continuity of the 2011 remake and its sequel? Of course it will, but since when has anybody cared about that? Now we just have to wait two grueling years to see anything come of this.

Source: Twitter

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