TV Review: Fear The Walking Dead (Season 1, Episode 4)

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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EPISODE 4: Not Fade Away

THE HOOK: The Military tightens their grip and goes on the offensive, as our naïve survivors start to see what’s really going on.

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don’t recommend reading this if you haven’t watched this episode

THE LOWDOWN: Let me begin by saying I’ve been more sarcastic in these reviews than with any other show (and this week will be no different), but make no mistake, I am enjoying myself. With that out there, let’s begin. Chris. What an annoying little shit he is. Sitting up on the roof, documenting the situation like some kind of baller. Uh huh. He sees someone sending a Morse code type signal by way of reflecting light out in the badlands, and then gets his panties in a bunch when no one really cares. You’re not Superman…hell, you’re not even Robin! Stop! Just stop! Yes, it probably is someone in need of help, but what kind of help exactly? How many are there? Are they bit? Is it a trap because they ran out of food? Who knows, but bottom line is, there isn’t much you can do about it since no one’s allowed to leave the fenced in area. But hey, let’s make a big fuss over it because, you know, there aren’t more pressing matters to attend to.

I’m trying so hard to like Travis, he had a moment or two where I thought he was stepping up, but alas, not only did he go back a couple steps (jogging…really?), he’s a damn pansy. For one, he didn’t seem all that interested in helping talk to the neighbor. “I only had a beer with him once. I don’t really know him.” Wow…someone break out the humanitarian award. Sure, the guy in question is completely freaking out, he’s an even bigger pansy than Travis. He’s not even sick, he’s just a coward. His wife and kids have bigger balls. Let me spell it out here, it’s the f*cking apocalypse people! You want to act like you’ve never heard of a zombie? I can dig that, but situational awareness is an amazing trait. There have been countless epidemics in human history, along with wars and unspeakable acts of evil, all of which come with telltale signs—especially in hindsight. There’s no time for whining like a baby, you’re in the shit, so man the hell up and protect your own.

As for the military, Daniel said it himself, soldiers showed up in his village when he was a kid, hauled people away, killed them and dumped their bodies in the river. This lot seems to have been dispatched from a similar unit. The commanding officer is a dick (surprise, surprise), but what’s even better is how everyone takes Dr. Quinn Medicine woman’s “everyone’s going to a facility for help” story at face value. Sure, I suppose they want to believe it, and realistically have no choice…oh, but wait, they could have had a choice if Travis’ ridiculous ex-wife warned them. But she doesn’t, despite the fact that what’s really happening is clearly spelt out for her. Not exactly the kind of nurse I’d want at my bedside.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 1’s fourth episode acts as the catalyst for a war to come between our survivors and the military. But before I get to that, there are a couple other character moments I need to vent about. Just when you think Nick can’t slip any further down the zombie chow food chain, we catch him siphoning the neighbor’s morphine. That’s just cold. But what really irked me was Madison going off into the badlands to try and find the signal person (or at least that’s what I think she was initially doing). Jesus, she actually cuts a hole in the perimeter fence. Really?! She sees dead bodies littered throughout the street (could’ve at least grabbed the handgun), then the army death squad on patrol, and what does she do? Goes home and drinks. Doesn’t discuss it with anyone (other than Daniel, but only because he asked), just has a minor meltdown before they come seize Nick and the old woman. What a rat race. At this rate, I’m starting to think Rick and company were better off not meeting these people. Or to put it a better way, they’re lucky they didn’t cross paths with Rick, because he’d probably shoot them in the face. And I’d probably laugh.

PARRALLEL CONNECTIONS: Only via the military. I’m thinking that similar units were stationed at places Rick and them traveled through, and may or may not have ended up in a fight with the living as well as the dead like I think we’re about to see happen here.

BLOOD AND GORE: No walkers tonight, just a slew of dead people rotting in the street. Alicia’s arm bled from the tattoo she gave herself…does that count?

COOLEST SCENE: Bar none, Nick getting the shiz slapped out of him by his mother during her fit of rage upon returning from beyond the fence. Oh, did I laugh.



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