TV Review: The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 8

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

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EPISODE 8: Hearts Still Beating

THE HOOK: All hell breaks loose in Alexandria as Rick and Aaron race to make it back in time with supplies.

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so I don’t recommend reading this if you haven’t watched this episode

THE LOWDOWN: Well here we are, halfway gone already, but the question is, was it all worth it? Did the mid-season finale stack up? The pacing was a total nightmare, I’ll be honest, but the episode itself was great overall. Much like last week, we owe it all to Negan—who makes time for a shave at Rick’s house, finally bringing about the famed look from the comics. Jeffery Dean Morgan is the perfect villain, and although I’ve mentioned it before, he’s exactly what this show needed. I’ve brought it up simply because the “mysterious boot man” addition really makes it obvious. That’s the sort of cloak and dagger villain this show is famous for, which compared to Negan, made me yawn. That said, I sincerely hope Negan isn’t killed at the end of the season, he needs to be a force of nature that gets subdued, but returns later as the perfect storm. Time will tell on that one.

As for our merry band, let’s start with Carol and Morgan. The second episode’s dive into the Kingdom was awesome. The fact that we haven’t heard from them since…not so awesome. And quite frankly I don’t think tonight counts. Carol’s old lady in the woods thing bothers me. This entire “I can’t fight anymore” arc of nonsense bothers me. And Morgan, well, what the hell’s he still doing there? Why hasn’t he gone back in Alexandria to, you know, check in, tell them about this new community, or at least let them know he’s not dead. And I don’t know what to make of Richard’s big Savior outburst. Yes, I agree with him one hundred percent, they can’t be trusted and Ezekiel should fight, but the whole scene just didn’t feel right. To make matters worse, this was the perfect time for Morgan or Carol to chime in about Rick and Alexandria as possible partners in this deal, but again, nothing. And I’m not sure what that whole hidden trailer scene was all about, but if I had to guess, it may have belonged to his family.

Ah Spencer, was anyone else as happy as I was when Negan gutted him like a pig? And not just because he finally got what he deserved, but who knew Negan had such a sense of loyalty and honor? That’s the kind of thing that make for a superior villain. There’s no sweet talking him. He saw through it, called him out for being a coward, and gave him a coward’s death. That’s almost enough to make me dig out my team Negan shirt. The irony for me is, for all the hate Negan gets, I still think he’s going way too easy on these guys. Rosita tries to shoot him in the face, which obviously backfires—nice block Lucille. And what does Negan do, pretty much laughs it off, and of course kills someone at random, but we all should have seen that coming. He also immediately sees the bullet for the custom job it is, and eventually claims old Eugene as his newest prisoner. Good on Eugene for finally manning up though.

THE WALKING DEAD Season 7’s mid-season finale was a little all over the place, teased a few things I wish we’d seen more of and wasted more time than I liked on things that didn’t matter, but, that said, it was more hit than miss. One of which, Daryl escaped (praise Jesus) and is now back with the crew—sorry Fat Joe, but you were carrying around Rick’s gun and that’s a no-no. Michonne convinced Rick to fight after a rather useless sojourn with car chick…who she ended up shooting in the face. Hey, whatever it takes to put Rick back into kill mode—though I think the Aaron beatdown by the Savior goons may have helped push him in that direction. I really wanted to see the conversation between Rick and Carl after Negan spills the beans on his little adventure (the look on Rick’s face was priceless), but with the band back together, I guess pistol whipping Carl will have to take the back burner for now. Here’s looking forward to February.

ZOMBIE KILL OF THE WEEK: Rick knifing walker Spencer in the face.

BLOOD AND GORE: There were walker head stabbing, but the big moment was Spencer’s all guts, no glory moment.

COOLEST SCENE: Call me sappy, but it had to be the (tear) Rick/Daryl hug. What? It’s dusty in here.



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