Twin Peaks may return for another season

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Since its premiere a few months back, I have been watching the absolute hell out of David Lynch's crazy TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN. And I for one am enjoying every floor-sweeping, Derek Mears face-punched-off moment of the lunacy that Lynch prepares for us each Sunday.

GAME OF THRONES be damned. Yeah, I said it.

But as much as I and quite a few others are enjoying the revival of TWIN PEAKS, it looks like the future of the series might end up somewhere in the Black Lodge forever.

Lynch and Co. did hint that the revival was a one-off and that we should enjoy what we get, but it seems that the series just might continue if Showtime CEO David Nevins has anything to say about it.

Showtime CEO David Nevins on TWIN PEAKS Season 4:

I don't think so, but it's not impossible. [David Lynch and I are] both avoiding the conversation for a while; we want to let the story coalesce and see how people feel at the end.

Too bad. That said, Nevins is more than happy with how TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN has boasted the network's subscriber numbers if not their immediate viewing numbers.

Nivens on the success of TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN:

I'm really happy with the performance. It drove our business in a way that almost nothing else could. It's been interesting and maybe it's a blinding glimpse of how Netflix looks at the world but [it had] a palpable effect on subscribers even though its overall numbers are not as big as our biggest shows," Nevins said. "But it's had a very palpable effect on subscribers for multiple months now.

It's a way higher proportion of streaming than anything else. The second quarter has always been our weakest quarter and [operating income] was up 11 percent and you can assume that Showtime was up a higher percentage to drive that. That's new subscriptions driven largely by Twin Peaks was the biggest factor in that. It did its job for being such an unusual show for us.

Nevins on the future of TWIN PEAKS:

I promise we're not even going to have those conversations until [the finale] airs, David Lynch has been in France pretty much since the premiere event we had.

And finally, when Nevins was asked if there was anything he wished he had done differently with the TWIN PEAKS revival he said he would have approved Lynch's budget quicker.

I would have given him the deal three weeks earlier.  

So there you have it. While I never expected TWIN PEAKS to return after this current revival season, I'm thinking that if the cast, crew, Lynch, and Showtime had as much fun making the new season as it appears they did on TV, then you never know what might happen.

After all, this is David Lynch we're talking about, so quite literally anything is possible. Fingers crossed.

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The two-part TWIN PEAKS season (series?) finale airs on Showtime September 3rd.

Source: THR

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