Underworld’s Patrick Tatopoulos to helm angels vs. demons tale New Babylon

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS director Patrick Tatopoulos has been tapped to direct the angels vs. demons sci-fi pic NEW BABYLON for Hydra Entertainment, according to Deadline.

Tatopoulos, who may be best known for his creature design work on films such as PITCH BLACK, I AM LEGEND, SPAWN, and STARGATE, helmed 2009's poorly received UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS, but the failure of that film hasn't detered him from directing as he is set to helm NEW BABYLON working from a script by David LoPresti and based on an original concept by Joshua Wassung.

NEW BABYLON takes place in a futuristic Middle East where a war between angels and demons has culminated in the construction of a new Tower of Babel.

Hydra’s Head of Development Nathan Santell and GM Joel Newton will produce with Wassung. Stromberg and Hydra co-founder Chris Edwards are exec producing.

Says Tatopoulos:

“We have some very ambitious ideas for the world, characters and story of this movie, and I can already see that the innovative virtual design and story development techniques being employed at Hydra are going to make all the difference in exploring those concepts and putting them on screen in a visually stunning way.”

Sounds like an intriguing enough idea and I'm certainly interested in seeing what Tatopoulos can do with the material. More on NEW BABYLON as we hear it.

RISE OF THE LYCANS star Rhona Mitra

Source: Deadline

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