Vega Baby is bringing The Man in the Orange Jacket to North America

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

THE MAN IN THE ORANGE JACKET has been promoted as being the first horror movie to come out of Latvia, and while it's hard to imagine that someone in Latvia hasn't made a horror movie before, I can't say that I've ever seen any Latvian movies, horror or otherwise. Vega Baby is going to give me a chance to change that, though. The distribution company has announced that they have acquired the North American distribution rights ("French speaking Canada" excluded) to THE MAN IN THE ORANGE JACKET and will be giving it a multi-platform release. 

The feature debut of writer/director Aik Karapetian, THE MAN IN THE ORANGE JACKET tells the following story:

When a wealthy businessman (Aris Rozentals) lays off hundreds of harbor employees, one of the fired workers (Maxim Lazarev) breaks into his home to exact revenge. After taking revenge on his boss and family, he embraces the lifestyle of his victims but soon finds their wealthy and decadent lifestyle only provides a temporary respite from the stark reality of his crimes. This feature film debut from director Aik Karapetian is an unsettling horror film that deals with themes of revenge, class struggle and madness.

Vega Baby President/CEO Adam Ripp describes it as "an exquisitive horror film" that's inspired by classics like  Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO.

Theatrical and VOD release dates for THE MAN IN THE ORANGE JACKET will be announced soon, and this is one that definitely has my curiosity.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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