Watch the action packed short film Past & Future Kings with Jason Cavalier!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

The Award winning short film PAST & FUTURE KINGS (from Archangel Epics) is now available to watch for free online! The film stars Actor and Martial Artist Jason Cavalier, Mara Lalli, Sean Colby, Andy Quesnel and Elias C. Varoutsos. It was Written & Directed by Raphaël Hébert while it was Produced by Brent Radford & Raphaël Hébert. The film tells the sordid tale of: 

A medieval warrior kills his King, who had become a tyrant and then has doubts about his abilities to wear the crown. Forcing the King’s Mage to show him the course of his future reign, he discovers that one’s fate should not be known.

Watch the killer trailer below and right under it you can clock the action packed and beautifully shot film itself! And don't forget to visit the OFFICIAL PAST & FUTURE KINGS WEBSITE HERE.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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