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THEN: Every so often I sit back and give a movie that I dug years ago a try. Perhaps it is on cable, or I decide I’m in the mood to peruse my movie collection. And recently, Eli Roth’s CABIN FEVER caught my eye. For a number of reasons I enjoyed this flick. It’s wild and weird and a whole lot of fun, and I loved the hell out of that cast. James DeBello was hilarious. Jordan Ladd was gorgeous. Joey Kern was the perfect asshole. And then you have the lovely Cerina Vincent who really killed it. She played the sexy one, but added a little bit of depth and humor to make ‘Marcy’ one of the bright spots in this twisted little gross out thriller.

Now Cerina didn’t start off battling a flesh eating virus. In fact, her career began with a little show called Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Return of the Magna Defender. Both in 1999, the actress was Maya/Yellow Galaxy Ranger. Here is the thing, I don’t get the Power Rangers. I was probably a bit too old to really connect to this wacky kids program, but I am fully aware that many of you love the hell out of it so you are probably very familiar with her yellow super hero. In fact, she played this character a few times including Power Rangers in 3D: Triple Force and Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. So with that, how awesome was Cerina as a Power Ranger? I’d really be interested to know.

cabin fever where in the horror are they now freaks of nature it waits power rangers return to house on haunted hill seven mummies tales of halloween toxic

While taking on enemies in the world of Power Rangers, Ms. Vincent wasn’t a stranger to horror before CABIN FEVER. In fact, in 2000, the actress appeared in a little flick called FEAR RUNS SILENT. While I’ve never heard of this one, it has a decent cast that also features Stacy Keach, Billy Dee Williams, Dan Lauria and of course this week's stunning subject. Now after playing a young superhero and taking on a cheesy horror flick, Cerina appeared in a few television shows. You could find her on Undressed in 2000, Malcolm in the Middle, Dead Last, Felicity and City Guys, all in 2001.

When it comes to teen flicks, I personally dug a little movie called NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE (2001). Sure it was dumb, but it was also a blast! Aside from Ms. Vincent, this comedy also starred Jaime Pressly, Chris Evans, Chyler Leigh, Eric Christian Olsen, Mia Kirshner and Sam Huntington. Frankly, it’s been a bit since I laughed at this silly flick. Cerina showed off quite a bit as Areola, the topless foreign exchange student. A very memorable – and funny! – role for Ms. Vincent.

cabin fever cerina vincent freaks of nature it waits power rangers return to house on haunted hill seven mummies tales of halloween toxic where in the horror are they now

After her time on CABIN FEVER, it appears that horror filmmakers were inclined to use Cerina. She appeared in the controversial MURDER-SET-PIECES in 2004 and IT WAITS in 2005, which I remember liking her in but not the movie necessarily. That same year she appeared in something called INTERMEDIO with Edward Furlong, Steve Railsback and Amber Benson. And then in 2006 she went on to face a monster in SASQUATCH MOUNTAIN. And if you are looking for killer mummies – aside from the one in the upcoming Tom Cruise flick – you could find her making an appearance in SEVEN MUMMIES, also in 2006.

Aside from the occasional television appearance, horror definitely seemed to be a genre she enjoyed. In 2007 she was in RETURN TO HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. She played a TV reporter in something called FASHION VICTIM in 2008. And then came TOXIC with Danny Trejo, Costas Mandylor and Tom Sizemore. They may not all be winners, but I love the fact that she always comes back to B-movie horror flicks. Hell, as recently as 2012 she appeared in the action thriller MONIKA in the title role. And this doesn’t include the many short films she has done, a ton of them happen to be scary. Yes, Cerina Vincent loves to dip into genre quite often and we adore her for it.

cabin fever cerina vincent freaks of nature it waits power rangers return to house on haunted hill seven mummies tales of halloween toxic where in the horror are they now

NOW: Ever since CABIN FEVER I’ve had a thing for Ms. Vincent. She is gorgeous, charming, witty and she loves her horror. Speaking of those shorts, she did one in 2015 called Brentwood Strangler. And do you remember that flick featuring a ton of horror heroes, the one called TALES OF HALLOWEEN? Yep, she was there in the “Bad Seed” segment. Then there was FREAKS OF NATURE with Denis Leary, Vanessa Hudgens and Keegan-Michael Key. That one I need to check out!  And if you'd like to see her on a regular basis, you can check out the Disney series Stuck in the Middle.

So what does she have in store? According to IMDb, she will be featured in BATTLING FOR BURTON! which is registered as “in-development” and BRING ME THE HEAD OF LANCE HENRIKSEN which is “in-production.” Not only has the actress had a solid career in film, she is also a writer. She writes a regular column for The Huffington Post, and she has written three books. This includes “How to Eat Like a Hot Chick”, “How to Love Like a Hot Chick” and “Live Like a Hot Chick.” If anyone knows how to do things like a hot chick, it would be Cerina. Yes, she is hot. She is funny. And she loves horror! We love Cerina Vincent!

If you'd like to find out what she is up to, you can check out her official Twitter or Facebood page. Or you can go straight to her official website! Each one is worth spending time on.


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