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EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Tantalizing clip from Nimrod Antal`s Predators!

06.29.2010by: The Arrow

Now that ECLIPSE is out of my way, I can focus on films that I am actually PUMPED for. one of them being the upcoming sure to be gorefest PREDATORS. The flick opens on July 9th and after the last trailer, I am expecting nothing but the BEST PRED movie since the original. Yup, my hopes are sky high! Now we have an EXCLUSIVE CLIP from the flick for ya (first one to hit the web)! Tap it below!

PREDATORS stars Larry Fishburne, Danny Trejo, Topher Grace, Alice Braga and Derek Mears. It was produced by ROBERT RODRIGUEZ and directed by NIMROD ANTAL. And its about: A group of hardened killers being hunted on an alien planet by you guessed it...THE PREDATORS! YEAH BITCHES! Visit its OFFICIAL SITE HERE!

Always had a thing for Braga...this is why : )



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