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It's Alive trailer!

04.25.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
I am not an advocate of unnecessary remakes. The whole idea and reasoning behind remaking Larry Cohen's IT'S ALIVE is ludicrous, as the film stands alone and had no reason to be remade.

That said, the trailer for the remake to IT'S ALIVE popped up online today, and guess what? It looks totally awesome!!! Color me surprised, shocked, or downright amazed, but the trailer has it all: creepy baby (that you never quite see--nice touch!), a relatively high body count, a few gore shots, a few dead animals, and this unnerving feeling that something is dreadfully wrong. What can I say, I dug it, yo!

Directed by Josef Rusnak and starring Bijou Phillips and James Murray as the happy couple with the brand new baby, IT'S ALIVE looks like--dare I say it--a worthy remake? This doesn't appear to be PG-13 cookie-cutter trash (though they could probably do a helluva job cutting down the blood to a PG-13 level), but a true form remake of a horror classic. Very, very cool!

But don't take my word for it--check out the trailer below and spit some bullets on your take. A remake worth watching, or another one to stack up against the likes of PROM NIGHT? You decide! And stick around for more on IT'S ALIVE (like that damn release date already) as it comes our way!

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