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Kingsman actress Sophie Cookson to star in supernatural horror film Hush

05.04.2015by: Kevin Woods

kingsman the secret service hush sophie cookson

KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE hottie Sophie Cookson will be starring in Olaf de Fleur's upcoming supernatural horror flick HUSH, which sales agent Embankment has just commenced international sales on, according to Screen Daily.

In HUSH Cookson will play...

...a young woman who runs a ghostbusting racket with her sibling. When the pair investigate a haunted foster home where a sadistic killer used to operate, they uncover a far more terrifying supernatural force.

Sigma’s Brian Coffey and Thruline’s Danny Sherman produce with principal photography set to kick off in October in Scotland.

Ben Ketai, whose credits include THE FOREST and THE STRANGERS 2, adapted the screenplay from a novella by EM Blomqvist. Eva Konstantopoulos made script revisions.

Source: Screen Daily



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