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Netflix has released a trailer for Adam Wingard's Death Note

DEATH NOTE is an "international phenomenon", but it's one that I have absolutely no familiarity with. It all began with a manga series and the concept has since served as the basis of novels, animes, video games, and multiple live action adaptations. I have not seen or read a single one of these things. And honestly, the upcoming live action American adaptation would not...
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Halloween! Horror movie ideas! The Gate, The Relic and more!

Halloween is around the corner hence I decided to guide ya in terms of what you may or should watch during our favorite non-Holiday, Holiday! Check out my recommendations below! THE GATE (1987) WATCH THE GATE HERE PLOT: When best friends Glen and Terry stumble across a mysterious crystalline rock in Glen's backyard, they quickly dig up the newly sodden...
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Adam Wingard set Jason Eisener loose on Death Note

I know next to zero about the manga DEATH NOTE , although the fact that Shane Black was at one time attached to the live action American adaptation of it was a very positive sign for its quality. Black didn't end up making the film, though. Instead, it ended up in the hands of a filmmaker who is quite interesting in his own right, THE GUEST / YOU'RE NEXT 's Adam Wingard. Increasing...
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Slasher Tonight She Comes gets a synth-driven teaser

A teaser trailer has arrived online for writer/director Matt Stuertz's slasher TONIGHT SHE COMES , a teaser featuring very quick flashes of mysterious images and bloodshed accompanied by a cool narration and a great, old school synth score. The film's score was composed by Wojciech Golczewski, who previously worked on WE ARE STILL HERE and LATE PHASES . TONIGHT SHE...
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Steve Guttenberg returns for a volcano spider rematch in 2Lava2Lantula

I wasn't quite as enamored with last year's LAVALANTULA as I was with director Mike Mendez's previous arachnid creature feature BIG ASS SPIDER! , but I loved the idea of pitting a cast led by POLICE ACADEMY stars against giant, lava-spewing spiders. Mendez did not return to helm the LAVALANTULA sequel that Syfy greenlit just days after the film made its premiere, but...
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Dark Sky Films to distribute babysitter thriller Emelie

There's something wrong with this new babysitter. She says her name is Anna, but it's really EMELIE , and as you can see in the image above she is definitely not a responsible caretaker. That image is really all I needed to be sold on this film, I have to see how that situation plays out. Directed by Michael Thelin from a screenplay by Rich Herbeck, EMELIE claims to...
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Screen Gems nabs franchise hopeful Keep Watching, starring Bella Thorne

With her roles in the Scream TV series , McG's THE BABYSITTER, and the long-delayed AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING, former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne is becoming something of a genre regular. Screen Gems has now picked up the U.S. "and much of the world" distribution rights to another of Thorne's genre works, a film called KEEP WATCHING . The feature...
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Face-Off: House of 1000 Corpses Vs. The Devil's Rejects

Oh, we had a ton of crazed ghouls voicing their pissed-off opinions with our last Face-Off . Many felt that there was no way in hell or on earth that Army of Darkness could best Evil Dead 2. However, a few less frazzled readers were able to open their minds and see how Raimi's medieval third entry could gain the upper (metal)hand. Today's Face-Off concerns a horror filmmaker that's...
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