Keep Watching w/ Bella Thorne & Chandler Riggs release date & new trailer

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Well, this is interesting. Turns out the mucho delayed Bella Thorne and Chandler Riggs home invasion flick KEEP WATCHING (fittingly titled HOME INVASION at one point) will be getting a select theatrical release this Halloween.

But ONLY on Halloween.

Yes, KEEP WATCHING will be hitting select theaters for one-night-only October 31st at 10 PM. As if people had nothing better to do at 10 PM on Halloween. Plus kids will be crashed out by that point.

But whatever, I guess they know what they're doing.

Anyways to mark the occasion we now have the film's new trailer which you can check out below. Just make sure to let us know what you think afterward!

KEEP WATCHING synopsis: 

A family imprisoned by intruders is forced to play a terrifying game of “Kill, Or Be Killed”. As the night unfolds, the game’s mysterious rules become clear, and the family realizes their nightmare is being streamed live to riveted viewers all over the world, who are compelled to keep watching…not knowing if what they’re seeing is real, or staged.

KEEP WATCHING is directed by Sean Carter and stars Bella Thorne, Chandler Riggs, Natalie Martinez, Ioan Gruffudd, Matthew Willig, and Leigh Whannell.

The film hits select theaters on Halloween at 10 PM.

Source: Youtube

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