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Cult of Chucky on Netflix not unrated cut & doesn't have post-credits scene

** THS POST CONTAINS NO SPOILERS ** First off, let me just give a big thank you to John over at B-D for pointing this out. Many a horror fan may have REALLY missed out this weekend if not for his sharp eyes. That said, as we all know by now I'm sure, Don Mancini's new CHILD'S PLAY sequel just hit Netflix this morning. I remember thinking this was an odd...
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Cult of Chucky gets 4 new killer clips!

Last week we let you guys know that writer-director Don Mancini's new CHILD'S PLAY sequel will be hitting Netflix on the same day the film hits Blu-ray & DVD on October 3rd. If that news wasn't cool enough then get ready for an extra dose of Chucky goodness with today's news. That's right, today we have 4 all-new clips to share with you guys from CULT OF CHUCKY ! You can peep...
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Cult of Chucky hits Netflix this October!

It was just last week that we brought you guys the news that the latest CHILD'S PLAY flick was going to be having its TV premiere as part of this year's AMC FearFest and now today we have cooler news. Don Mancini's CULT OF CHUCKY will be hitting Netflix in October! Yes, along with its Blu-ray release date of October 3rd, and its AMC Fear Fest run from Oct. 23...
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Cult of Chucky gets 4 awesome character motion posters

It was just the other day that we shared the awesome news that CULT OF CHUCKY will be making its TV debut this Halloween as part of AMC Fear Fest and now today we have new motion posters! Below you'll find several new character motion posters from the newest flick in the CHILD'S PLAY series, featuring Fiona Dourif and a collection of other inmates at this...
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Cult of Chucky will be part of this year's AMC Fear Fest!

As we eagerly await the October 3rd release of the newest entry in the CHILD'S PLAY series with writer-director Don Mancini's "Chucky of drugs" flick, we can start spreading the word that the new film will be making its TV premiere this October as well. Yes, it turns out that CULT OF CHUCKY will be part of this year's AMC Fear Fest! The news comes to...
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Chucky channels Gage Creed in new Cult of Chucky official stills & BTS pics!

In the previous article I just wrote up on the exclusive clip for THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT 2 , I mentioned that the film was third on my Top Must-See List after LEATHERFACE and CULT OF CHUCKY. Seriously, in any other instance I would have been more excited for a new TCM film than a new Chucky movie, but after the slick job Don Mancini did in CURSE OF CHUCKY...
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Cult of Chucky sets up a new iteration for the franchise

The newest Chucky flick CULT OF CHUCKY hits this October if you didn't know. You already knew that? Huh. Strange. Anyhow, as we all await "Chucky on drugs" maybe we can start thinking about the future of the franchise. Don Mancini sure is. Mancini recently sat down for a Facebook Live Q&A and, of course, the questions quickly turned to, "What's...
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Cult of Chucky will feature quite a bit of Andy Barclay

It was just yesterday that we shared a story from CHILD'S PLAY creator Don Mancini's recent interview with the Necronomicast podcast where he mentioned (yet again) his awesome idea for a slasher crossover flick called CHILD'S PLAY ON ELM STREET . And now we have yet another choice bit of info Mancini dropped on said podcast with today's news featuring a bit when Mancini talks...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? The cast of Fright Night!

THE CAST OF FRIGHT NIGHT There are many things to admire about horror legend Tom Holland. You know, the guy that directed CHILD’S PLAY and stuff? Well he also made one of the coolest vampire flicks ever. Of course I’m talking about the 1985 feature FRIGHT NIGHT. While I appreciated what Colin Farrell brought to the role in the hyped up remake, the original is...
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After Midnight coming to Blu-ray this September!

Hot damn! It was only a few months ago that I finally checked out the little-known horror anthology AFTER MIDNIGHT . It came as a high recommend from a trusted source and after having to track down a copy of the flick, I gave it a watch and loved the hell out of it. For the most part. Normally I don't hock my personal stuff here, but you can check out my full (spoiler-free)...
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Unseen Halloween: The Sentinel (1977)

Welcome to a new, Halloween-centric feature, trick 'r treaters! The Arrow in the Head staff (along with some special guests) will be recommending obscure fright flicks throughout the month of October, hopefully enhancing your "31 Days of Horror"! Welcome to UNSEEN HALLOWEEN! (See previous entries HERE !) PLOT: Smoking hot model Alison Parker (Cristina...
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Documentary You're So Cool, Brewster! to tell the story of Fright Night

Gary Smart obviously enjoys delving into the behind-the-scenes stories of 1980s genre classics. First, he penned the book THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD with co-author Christian Sellers, which led to the documentary MORE BRAINS! A RETURN TO THE LIVING DEAD. He then wrote and produced the nine hour documentary LEVIATHAN: THE STORY OF HELLRAISER AND HELLBOUND:...
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