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SDCC: The Walking Dead banner shows October 22nd premiere date

This year's Comic Con - or SDCC - kicked off today so expect a ton of cool info to be heading your way throughout the next week or so in mass droves... Kinda like zombies! Speaking of which, the first bits of info we are getting out of this year's Con are the poster - and premiere date - for THE WALKING DEAD (October 22nd) and FEAR THE WALKING DEAD , both via AMC....
3 days ago
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John Fallon's The Shelter finds its Director of Photography in Bobby Holbrook

Back in March we shared the news that our very own John Fallon, aka The Arrow, would be making his directorial debut with THE SHELTER, which is set to go in front of the cameras in early 2014. A few weeks later we dropped the news that THE SHELTER had found its leading man in none other than the badass Michael Pare, who had also come onboard to executive produce the film, and...
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Gayle James moves into The Shelter for director John Fallon aka The Arrow

A little bit of casting news has come down the pipeline on THE SHELTER, the upcoming directorial debut of John Fallon, who readers of this site know as the nom de plume The Arrow. We first reported on this cool-sounding project back in March when we dropped the news that Fallon had set the project up as his feature length directorial debut, working alongside producer Donny Broussard to...
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Our very own The Arrow aka John Fallon moves into The Shelter

You know him by the nom de plume The Arrow. But folks within the industry know him as John Fallon , actor, writer and soon-to-be director. I just call him Boss. While I've only been writing for this site for a couple of months now, I've been familiar with Fallon's work as a writer and actor for quite some time, so I'm writing this article objectively. As a cat who dabbles in film work...
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