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'80s film Vampires, starring Duane Jones, reaches DVD in May

Some you reading this may remember the 1989 film VAMPIRES , but not quite in the way Film Chest Media Group will be putting it out on DVD May 10 th. VAMPIRES wasn't a standalone release in '89, but rather the second half of a two segment anthology film called FRIGHT HOUSE, which was written and directed by Len Anthony. It has been split from its companion story for this DVD...
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Kill of the Day: Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (1995)

One of my personal guilty pleasures is TALES FROM THE CRYPT: DEMON KNIGHT. Actually I don't even feel guilty about that so I guess it's not. DEMON KNIGHT is awesome! I'm sure most out there would agree with me on that one. Who doesn't want to watch a bunch of people get terrorized by Billy Zane and some demons?! Exactly! For today's Kill of the Day we're taking a look at DEMON KNIGHT...
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A handful of pics from Walking Dead's season finale rise

Is everyone suitably pumped for "Welcome to the Tombs," the third season finale of "The Walking Dead" ? As well you should be. The inevitable battle between Woodbury and the prison finally arrives. Couldn't come at a more heated time, especially considering how things played out in the last episode . To get you further stoked, a few new images have emerged from the episode, courtesy of...
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