Shudder documentary Horror Noire premieres next month

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

Some of my favorite actors in horror are Tony Todd (CANDYMAN) and Keith David (THE THING). And some of my favorite directors within our beloved genre are Ernest Dickerson (BONES, TALES FROM THE CRYPT: DEMON KNIGHT), Rusty Cundieff (TALES FROM THE HOOD), and Jordan Peele (GET OUT, US). And the thought of seeing all of them in one movie/documentary is almost too cool to take. But it's real. The documentary is called Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror and today Shudder announced the movie will be premiering over on the streaming site this February after special screenings in LA and NY in early February. 

Based on the acclaimed book by Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman, Horror Noire takes a critical look at

a century of genre films that by turns utilized, caricatured, exploited, sidelined, and embraced both black filmmakers and black audiences. The film also explores how black voices in front of and behind the camera shaped and impacted the genre. 

Horror Noire features interviews with notable horror creators from some of the most popular, critically acclaimed and culture-changing films in the genre, including directors William Crain (BLACULA), Ernest Dickerson (BONES), Rusty Cundieff (TALES FROM THE HOOD), Jordan Peele (GET OUT, US), Tina Mabry (MISSISSIPI DAMNED); actors Tony Todd (CANDYMAN), Keith David (THE THING), Paula Jai Parker (TALES FROM THE HOOD), Richard Lawson (SCREAM BLACULA SCREAM), Rachel True (THE CRAFT); and authors Tananarive Due (MY SOUL TO KEEP), and Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman, among many others.

Horror Noire is directed by Xavier Burgin, executive produced by Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman, Tananarive Due, Fangoria Editor-in-Chief Phil Nobile Jr and Kelly Ryan of Stage 3 Productions, and is produced and co-written by Ashlee Blackwell and Danielle Burrows. Horror Noire will premiere exclusively on Shudder after special screening events in Los Angeles on February 1 at the Egyptian Theater and in New York at BAM on February 4. The movie will be available for all Shudder subscribers on Thursday, February 7th.

Until then, you can check out the trailer and poster below. Then let us know what you think!

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