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Official site launches for Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes series w/ tons extras

Last week we shared with you guys the first teaser/featurette for the upcoming MR. MERCEDES series, based on the novel by Stephen King. The show is set to begin airing August 9th and today we have your first look at the show's official website.  The site includes a bunch of cool shite (some of which I have samples and shared below) including character posters,...
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First Look: Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes trailer

This really will go down as the year of Stephen King as we have THE DARK TOWER hitting us in August, IT crawling out of the sewers September 8th, THE MIST series hitting Spike June 22nd, and MR. MERCEDES premiering on August 9th. And those are only a few of the King works in the pipeline! On the subject of MR. MERCEDES we have had looks at the cast and the set but today we get...
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R.L. Stine will be hosting a live Q&A on Facebook this Friday

It was only an hour ago or so that I shared the new GOOSEBUMPS collection Fright-Rags was putting out soon and it made me think about the author of that series (and FEAR STREET ), Mr. R.L. Stine. I decided to head over to the man's Twitter and found he was pimping a Live Facebook Q&A this Friday! Here is Stine's tweet so you don't think I'm pulling a...
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First look: Mr. Mercedes set to premiere this Summer

Turns out the upcoming TV adaptation of Stephen King's novel MR. MERCEDES has finally gotten with the times (a little bit) and gone ahead and set themselves up with an official Facebook page. You can check out the page and follow them for all things MR MERCEDES, or you could just keep your feed locked here as we will be the ones shifting through all the random bits and...
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The Walking Dead releases a "Dead Yourself" app

Tired of waiting for season 3 of THE WALKING DEAD to renew February 10th? Well, maybe its time to fill your undead void with the show's latest official app. Dead Yourself is an app for the iPhone and Facebook that, of course, allows its user to alter a photo of themselves to varying degrees of zombification. Here is the step-by-step guide to getting dolled up like the undead:...
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