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Cool Horror Videos: Insane first person video 'Bad Motherf*cker'

Below is the ultra-badass music video for the song "Bad Motherf*cker" from Russian indie-punk band Biting Elbows. Why share this? Because it is an adrenaline-fueled, blood-filled kickass video shot in an insane first person visual as it presents a tough-as-nails badass in an all out attempt to escape an office building filled with people hell bent on killing him. Trust're...
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Gameplay trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines is coming from outer space

Sega and Gearbox have released a new gameplay trailer (below) for its upcoming sci-fi/horror shooter ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES . Hit play and you'll find tough guys, guns, blood and a lot of those chest-bursting, face-eating monsters we all love and care for. If you're looking for the next cool military game experience make the line to buy this sucker right...
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Dead Island Riptide releases a brand new gameplay mode video!

Zombies are a huge deal nowadays. They're on TV, on the news (do you remember the infamous Miami face eater?), on the movies and even on your game consoles. DEAD ISLAND RIPTIDE is the sequel to DEAD ISLAND , a game that knows a thing or two about blood, flesh and gore. If you're a fan let me tell you that we're about to delight you with the first look at the gameplay of the sequel...
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Among the Sleep is a game that will scare the bejesus out of you!

Video Games are a form of art and classics like SILENT HILL and PHANTASMAGORIA left me with nightmares for a long time. AMONG THE SLEEP sounds like it will produce the same effect on me (and hopefully on you) and is going to be released later this year via Krillbrite Studios for PC and Mac according to Kotaku. The game is really twisted. Your character is a two year old child...
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