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Sx_Tape (Movie Review)

PLOT: When a young couple dumbly decides to record a sex tape in an abandoned abortion clinic, a nasty demonic entity from the past comes a calling. REVIEW: F*ck me! Just when I thought I couldn't detest a movie more than ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE , the firmly established and well accomplished Bernard Rose (CANDYMAN, PAPERHOUSE) comes along with the temerity of SX_TAPE, a...
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Official trailer for SX_Tape, from Candyman director Bernard Rose

Usually I'm not one to get excited over the latest found footage nightmare, but as SX_TAPE comes from CANDYMAN director Bernard Rose, color me thoroughly invested. It also comes from a PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and INSIDIOUS producer (as every other horror movie does nowadays), although in this case it's Steven Schneider and not Jason Blum. The film looks pretty much like your...
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Official poster revealed for Sx_Tape, from Candyman director Bernard Rose

It's been several months since we've heard anything on CANDYMAN director Bernard Rose's latest horror project SX_TAPE, with our last report on the film coming back in December when we shared the first images from the flick with ya. While we've yet to hear word on North American distribution the film is set to hit theaters in the UK later this year. Now we've gotten...
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First images from Sx_ Tape, a new thriller from Candyman director Bernard Rose

I've always held 1992's CANDYMAN in the highest regard, thanks in no small part to director Bernard Rose's visual style (which was also evident in his underrated 1988 thriller PAPERHOUSE), so it's exciting to hear that Rose is back to dabbling in darker material with his latest thriller SX_ TAPE, which stars Caitlyn Folley, Diana Garcia, and Ian Duncan, and today we have...
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