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DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates: December and January 2016!

That's right, guys. Against all odds, we're up against the end of 2015 as we know it. Did this year pass us by like a hottie who wouldn't give us the time of day? You know it! That said, 'tis the season to be giving, hence we're giving you a look at all the genre Blu-ray and DVD releases for the rest of December and all of January! We still have BONE TOMAHAWK , NIGHTMARES and...
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Scream Factory will haunt you with Nightmares

Scream Factory has been giving us nightmares for quite a long time now (personal favorites being FROM BEYOND and VISITING HOURS ), but this Christmas they're bringing us NIGHTMARES. As in the hard-to-find 1983 anthology flick. It certainly won't be hard to find now, because their Blu-Ray release is coming on  December 22, 2015 ! Bonus features will include...
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Scream Factory announces ten new titles

Scream Factory had a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. If you’d told me ten years ago that this was going to be a thing, I would have laughed in your face, but here we are. The world is a beautiful place sometimes. During the course of said panel, they announced a whopping ten new titles that will be coming out on Blu-Ray over the course of the next year or so: WOMEN’S...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Veronica Cartwright!

VERONICA CARTWRIGHT THEN : I still remember the very first time I became aware of Veronica Cartwright – even if she was already well into her impressive career. The actress started acting in the late Fifties. And while many that we focus on in this column don’t work very often, Ms. Cartwright hasn’t slowed down a bit. Yet let’s keep this in...
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