Scream Factory announces ten new titles

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Scream Factory had a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. If you’d told me ten years ago that this was going to be a thing, I would have laughed in your face, but here we are. The world is a beautiful place sometimes. During the course of said panel, they announced a whopping ten new titles that will be coming out on Blu-Ray over the course of the next year or so:

WOMEN’S PRISON MASSACRE (1983): Also known as EMANUELLE ESCAPES FROM HELL, this Italian exploitation flick is the first of the notorious “women in prison” films to make it onto the Scream Factory roster. It’s written by Claudio Fragasso, auteur of the notorious TROLL 2.

BLOOD AND LACE (1971): Not to be confused with Mario Bava’s seminal giallo flick BLOOD AND BLACK LACE, this sleazy 70’s horror flick about a hammer-wielding killer stalking an orphanage is getting its first ever home video release from Scream Factory.

TROLL (1986) / TROLL 2 (1990): TROLL is a notable early film from FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VII’s John Carl Buechler, but it will always be outshone by its bad-good classic cult sequel, as perhaps it should. TROLL 2 is an indelible masterpiece of whimsical nonsense and an unforgettable moviegoing experience.

GHOST STORY (1981): Based on a novel by Peter Straub, this chilling tale of a group of gentlemen known as the Chowder Society stars Fred Astaire, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and Melvyn Douglas in their final roles.

THE GUARDIAN (1990): Directed by William Friedkin, this underappreciated fantasy horror film would later end up on Roger Ebert’s “Most Hated Films” list, though it would later be embraced by a wide cult following.

THE CAR (1977): A precursor to films like CHRISTINE and DUEL, THE CAR – which stars James Brolin – tells the story of a mysterious car that goes on a murderous rampage.

NIGHTMARES (1983): An anthology film based on urban legends, NIGHTMARES stars Emilio Estevez and Lance Henriksen. The four segments were originally conceived for the TV series Darkroom but were considered too dark for TV.

DEATH BECOMES HER (1992): Robert Zemeckis directing! Dean Cundey behind the camera! Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn tearing each other apart! Isabella Rossellini in a neckline that plunges beyond human limits! Bruce Willis with hair! What’s not to like?

GARBAGE PAIL KIDS: THE MOVIE (Collector’s Edition) (1987): Starring Sean Astin’s little brother Mackenzie, this is the film that traumatized you as a kid and made you the way you are now.

THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD (Collector’s Edition) (1985): You know what this is. Buy this Blu-Ray.

The only dates set so far are November 2015 for DEATH BECOMES HER, BLOOD AND LACE, and the TROLL double feature. Who’s excited for this massive announcement? I know I am!




Source: Scream Factory

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