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The Sacrament (Movie Review)

PLOT: As both a personal mission and journalistic VICE piece, Patrick goes on a search to find his missing sister with his two friends Sam and Jake, only to happen upon a rural cult-commune lead by The Father. REVIEW: After stamping his name on the haunted-house subgenre with his last and likely best flick, THE INNKEEPERS, horror-hipster Ti West returns to explore the insidious...
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A&E passes on James Wong's Occult

We have been keeping close tabs on the potential A&E series "Occult", which was being developed by "X-Files" alum James Wong and was set to star Daniel Henney, Brennan Brown, Josh Lucas, Lynn Collins and Agnes Brucker and was being produced by Michael Bay. Now TVWire is reporting that A&E has decided to pass on the hour-long which has been in development at...
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Two more sign on to study A&E's Occult

Deadline is reporting that two more actors have signed up for A&E's supernatural-drama pilot "Occult". Daniel Henney and Brennan Brown are set to co-star opposite the previously announced Josh Lucas and Lynn Collins, and are joining Agnes Brucker (who we told you about earlier this week ) as the latest cast members of the Michael Bay-produced pilot. The...
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Agnes Bruckner joins A&E pilot Occult

It was way back in March when we shared the news that Josh Lucas (THE FIRM) and Lynn Collins ("True Blood") had joined the cast of A&E's upcoming supernatural series pilot "Occult", spearheaded by Michael Bay and written by veteran genre writer and "The X-Files" alum James Wong. Today we have the news (per Deadline) that mega-hottie Agnes Bruckner...
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A&E's Occult finds its two leading stars

Even though we are just one short week away from the long awaited premiere of A&E's BATES MOTEL , that hasn't stopped them from digging their hands deeper into the horror genre as they've just added another genre project to their plate with James Wong's OCCULT, which has just grabbed its two lead actors. One thing is for sure and it's that A&E knows how to cast their...
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