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The dead return in this teaser for the upcoming ABC series Resurrection

It was a little over the year ago when we alerted you to the news that ABC was planning on bringing an adaptation of Jason Mott's "The Returned" to the network, and now we know when the new series, now titled "Resurrection" will be making its way to TV as well as bringing you a new teaser which you can peep below. And while "Resurrection" deals...
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Kill of the Day: Scream 2 (1997)

I'm a sucker for the SCREAM franchise. There, I said it. When I really hit my stride in the horror genre it was because of this franchise. In particular I guess you could say it was because of SCREAM 2 in a weird way... Long story. Anyway, I'm celebrating this today with a Kill of the Day from the second SCREAM film. In this clip we've got Sidney Prescott once again having trouble...
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